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is to increase the value of YOUR business.


You want to grow.

We help your company grow with a particular focus on mergers and acquisitions. With your team we develop your growth strategy, articulate your capital needs, identify your targets, and structure the acquisitions.

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You want to sell.

We maximize your value. Minimize your risk. Negotiate terms. Manage due diligence. Prepare your financials. Selling your business is complex. We mange the complexity while you manage your business.

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Value Builder

You want to improve.

Systematically increase the value of your business. The Value Builder System is statistically proven to increase the value of your business by up to 71%. Take a free online assessment to see how much you have to gain.

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Mastermind Groups

You want guidance.

Leverage the collective experience of over of over $100 million of experience in an exciting, modern format with peers that understand your business and your struggles. We use the power of peer pressure, technology and old fashioned accountability to drive more growth and better results.

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Every journey begins with a conversation.

Our Story

Some say it is in our blood. Others say we were born with it. Regardless, we are:

Brad provides strategic and financial advisory services, with a particular focus on the automotive aftermarket industry world wide, specializing in M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and outsourced corporate finance and CFO functions. He has been featured in publications globally including:

  • ABRN
  • Driving Sales News
  • Aftermarket Business World
  • Repairer Driven News
  • Ratchet + Wrench
  • Australasian Paint and Panel
  • Motor China Magazine
  • Automotive Body Parts Association Body Language

Additionally Brad is often a featured speaker, presenting on themes such as industry consolidation, inorganic growth strategies, and how to best apply the tools of corporate finance to increase the value of your business.

Prior to founding Supplement Brad spent nearly two decades in collision repair. He also held roles as an equity analyst as well as a management consultant. He received an MBA from UC Irvine (where he graduated top 10% of his class) and an undergraduate degree in Economics from The George Washington University in Washington DC. He has traveled to 15 countries on four continents. He also speaks Spanish and lived in both Chile and Mexico.

In his off time Brad enjoys watching Bloomberg TV, perusing 10-Q's, and reading books like "Currency Wars", "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", and "Barbarians at the Gate".


You want to increase the value of your business?


About once a week Brad publishes a note designed to help you grow your company, help you sell your company, and help you increase the value of your company using the tools of corporate finance.

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