Who is Brad Mewes?

About Brad Mewes

Who I am

I am a business geek. I find corporate finance and strategy riveting (I watch Bloomberg for fun and relax by reading 10-Ks of companies I find interesting). I have nearly two decades of experience in the collision industry. I have an Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. I was an equity research associate (Metals and Mining). I am management consultant and strategist.

Recently I received a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance, investment banking, private equity and mergers & acquisitions (M&A). I graduated in the top 10% of my class from a top 25 school. I was with an investment bank in Newport Beach working as an equity research associate. But I left. I went back to the automotive industry.

I knew, deep inside I knew, there is SO MUCH MORE than sitting in a cubicle watching companies grow. I wanted to play an active role with these companies – not sit on the sideline as an excel jockey staring a computer screens building financial models. But don’t get me wrong – I truly enjoy the mental exercise of diving into a company’s financials, teasing out the cash flows, and building a financial and operating model that projects growth into the future. Excel can be a lot of fun.

Why I do this

I grew up in the automotive aftermarket. So as some say, it’s in my blood. But I have always enjoyed reading about and studying business. In the automotive aftermarket industry successful companies have a high level of financial sophistication. The objective of this forum is to share the information I have garnered over the years and begin a discuss on how some of the most successful companies in the automotive aftermarket operate and manage their business.

So I decided to apply the lessons learned from business school, equity research, and consulting to the industry I grew up in. Because of my background, I see things in a different way than many others in the industry. Supplement is designed to give you a glimpse into my mind to see how I think about the world around me.

What you can expect from me

I am here to increase the value of your business. My business has three pillars – Sell Side Advisory, Buy Side Advisory, and Strategic and CFO advisory. In plain words, that means I make money by helping you sell your company, buy other companies, raise capital, and provide general financial and strategic advisory services.

Supplement is designed to be a forum to discuss the role of finance in the automotive aftermarket industry, to discuss strategy on a corporate level, to discuss industry consolidation, and to discuss running a better business in the face of these sea changes. The industry is changing rapidly which means that it will become more difficult to compete and generate profits. As larger more sophisticated players enter the market it will become even more important to develop a competitive edge.


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