Leverage the experience of over $200 million in annual revenues to Work ON Your Business

(not just “in” your business)

Brad Mewes Performance Group

You run a successful business. But you know your business is capable of more. Supplement’s Business Performance Groups (20 Groups) provide a proven way to improve the performance of your business through peer to peer interaction with other business owners of similar size and business model. We use financial benchmarking, coaching and one on one conversations in a fun collaborate environment to drive business improvement. Collectively, our clients account for over $200 million in annual revenues.

Are you interested in joining a group of motivated, successful business owners just like you that will provide support, hold you accountable and push you to achieve more?¬†Fill out the form below and we’ll get on the phone to talk next steps.

Business performance groups are proven to improve your business outcomes. In the group we analyze your company’s financials EVERY MEETING. Group members hold each other accountable. They push you to achieve more. Business performance groups are like having a board of directors made up of exclusively of other business owners facing your exact same challenges.

Supplement’s business performance groups are owner centric. We match you with business owners of similar size and structure, so you know that others understand your unique business challenges. Great care is taken to ensure that members are not competitors do not operate in overlapping territories to avoid sharing sensitive information with potential competitors.

Business performance groups are a great way to build relationships with other successful business owners to help you solve your most challenging business problems. These relationships often last for decades as a result!

Spend a few days working ON your business, rather than IN your business. Our national groups meet 3 times a year, at amazing world class locations. Our local groups meet as often as monthly at local country clubs, city clubs and business centers. In our business performance groups we work hard during the day, and blow off steam at night.

You want to improve your business in amazing locations while building life-long relationships. When you fill out the form below we’ll contact you to set up a time to review your goals and to see where you will fit best.